Maricopa County Environmental Services is conducting this survey to ensure that you, our customers, are getting great service. We would like to hear about your experience with your Environmental Health Specialist (Health Inspector). This can help to ensure the safety of our residents through assisting food establishments in providing safe food to the people of Maricopa County so that they may enjoy living in a healthy and safe community. Please assist our Department by providing feedback through this survey. If you have further questions or feedback please call your inspector's supervisor, their contact information can be found on your inspection report.

Did the Inspector introduce themselves in a courteous way while also showing identification?
Did the Inspector offer a choice of receiving a letter grade and did they give you time to finish anything you may have been working on when they arrived?
Did the Inspector ask you to accompany them and did they ask questions about your food procedures, in order to best understand your business processes?
Did the Inspector ask questions regarding management practices with regard to supervision and accountability, especially if violations were observed during the inspection in order to identify what may have led to the violation?
Did the Inspector discuss the report with you and provide the report to you (printed or emailed) prior to leaving?